High Performance Computing in Power and Energy Systems

Argonne to advance high performance computing in manufacturing
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Learn more about high-performance computing at NREL. Visualization capabilities at NREL go beyond what is found in a typical utility operations center.

Research Interests

With its real-time data stream, state-of-the-art, high-resolution visual imagery can effectively convey information and illustrate research findings to stakeholders. For example:. NREL is helping to develop a new and more cost-effective manufacturing process for critical components of concentrating solar power systems. Read more. Leverage our high-performance computing and visualization capabilities for energy systems integration research.

High-Performance Computing and Visualization

This corresponds to an increase in the production of computing servers including supercomputers from 3, in to 5, in In , Atos will produce almost 10, machines at the Angers site, the equivalent of nearly 2 exaflops, making Atos one of the three most important HPC factories worldwide.

This lab ensures that key HPC knowledge and skills are fostered and remain in Europe, so that we can maintain our own data sovereignty.

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It also plays a significant part in ensuring that Europe continues to grow as a major player in supercomputing globally. It highlights the attractiveness of our region and supports our ambition to create an international reputation for Angers in the technology industry. Evaluating powerful batteries for modular grid energy storage Oct 24, Jul 01, Aug 14, Jun 23, Recommended for you.

Poweraware High Performance Computing

China's Huawei unveils chip for global big data market Jan 07, Jun 12, Nov 14, China tops global supercomputer speed list for 7th year Update Jun 20, Feb 01, Jan 20, User comments. Sign in.

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Measuring sustainability in supercomputing is difficult

Off The Wire Industry Headlines. The coarse grid error correction solver is also expected to provide an accurate result. Unfortunately, this option impedes the transition of the corresponding core to a power-saving C-state because the thread is active though doing useless work. As of today, most processors adhere to the advanced configuration and power interface ACPI standard [ 25 ], which allows to configure the system state depending on the workload, and thus offers a tool to tune the power usage to the actual needs. In addition, we note that the same classification holds independently with respect to the number of threads per core. A team of scientists took years to produce and verify the striking image — an Read more… By Oliver Peckham.

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