Mamas Little Book of Tricks

Mama's Little Book of Tricks
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Winter is over although, I know for some, it feels like it's still here. We are now approaching summer.

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We're on the "downward slide" for kids to finish school for the year, and for people to prepare for summer vacations from work. Planning a vacation is sometimes a dreaded task for some, but if you are a bargain hunter, like me, vacation planning can be fun. If you have some flexibility in terms of where you are going, and when, the planning can be even more fun!

It's like starting with a blank canvas, waiting for the first swipe of a paintbrush. In terms of a hotel, some hotels may offer last minute discounts to fill their hotels.

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Read more. Travel Destination: Ottawa - Part 2. By Overtired Mama - May 04, Welcome back! In my previous Ottawa Post I discussed air travel and accommodations. Did you miss part 1?

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In this post, I will discuss a little about what you can see and do in Ottawa. The activities I experienced were during two separate trips, one in Winter and one in Spring. Keep in mind that Ottawa has a number of festivals that happen during different times of year, and surrounding communities have a lot going as well, so searching what may be going on before you go is a good idea! I will start with one of the winter activities I experienced, hockey!

The September games would be "pre-season" games, which are often offered at reduced prices. I sat in ….

The Little Book That Beats the Market - Book Summary 📈📗By Joel Greenblatt

Post a Comment. By Unknown - April 24, I love earning rewards.

The Travel Mamas’ Guide by Colleen Lanin – Book Review

In fact, my husband may even say that I'm obsessed with it. I wouldn't go that far, but I do love to be rewarded for purchases I already make. Rewards programs are not all created equal, so it's a good idea to do a scan of what is available to you and what is worth your time.

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Even though many times children just have to cry or fuss, this book has some great recommendations for minimizing them. These are simple things to do and, as Lanin says, are only a few ways to simplify traveling with children.

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She writes about traveling by car and by plane, eating, shopping, and exploring, and making your travel experience with your children the best it can be. Lanin not only relies on her own personal experiences and tips for traveling with kids, she also includes anecdotes and suggestions from other travel mamas. This book is a good guidebook for this.

Mama's Big Book of Little Lifesavers

Lynn Brunelle. About us Welcome to the largest and fastest growing parenting community in the city. We benefit financially from me being a working mama of course, and everyone benefits from my happiness, because I love my work. I keep it with me wherever I go. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. May 1. I learned how to balance a spoon on my nose and a few jokes that make me funny a hard thing in my house of goofs!

Some of the tips might not be right for you or your family, but I know you will find some things in here that you can use on your next excursion with your youngsters. See all Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Most relevant reviews. Moms are always looking for ideas to help their kids Great resource of ideas for moms.

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